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Free Online Phonics Course for Parents


At Angel Oak Academy, we use the Sounds-Write phonics program. This course introduces you to the Sounds-Write phonics program, and gives you the knowledge, resources and activities you need to help your child to learn to read.

Educate Against Hate


Educate against hate is a website that gives teachers, parents and school leaders practical advice and information on protecting children from hate, extremism and radicalisation.

Highlights from OFCOM report 2018: Children and parents media use and attitudes

OFCOM have published their new report on the use of media amongst children for 2018. This report provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4.

Some of the key highlights from the report include the following:

A decline in the use of TV and increase in streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV

An increase in the consumption of YouTube and the influence of video bloggers (vloggers) and Youtube personalities such as Jojo Siwa and Dan TDM

An increase in gaming

A decline in the use of social media apps ‘Facebook’ and ‘Snapchat’ and an increase in Instagram

The issue of spending money online appears to be one of increasing concern - parents polled are now more likely to say they are ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ concerned about the pressure on their child to spend money online.

For access to the full report, please visit: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/research-and-data/media-literacy-research/childrens/children-and-parents-media-use-and-attitudes-report-2018