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A number Teachers and Senior Leaders at the academy are studying for Master’s degrees and doctorates.  As a result many research studies are being conducted in the academy.


Here are some of the studies:


  • An investigation into the teaching of phonics in KS2 and its influence on reading fluency.


  • How might student handwriting improve without the use of rote instruction?


  • A review of Reciprocal Teaching as a strategy to improve reading comprehension in a primary school where students are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • An inquiry into how Mathematics Mastery can promote Creative Pedagogy.


  • How might an awareness of working through teams develop practice for mentoring new teachers? A critical incident analysis of feedback given to a student teacher, in a primary school.


  • Simultaneous Bilingualism: A Case Study of a Multilingual Learner.


  • How can a teacher formatively assess all pupils during main teaching? An inquiry into alternative methods of questioning.


  • To what extent does collaborative learning impact year 6 pupils’ reading comprehension?


  • A Critical Assessment of Maths Mastery as a Route to Maths Recovery in Year 6.


  • The impact of intrinsic motivation on the creative process.


  • A Case Study of a Bilingual learner.