School Photographs





Click on your child’s name. This will take you to Kate’s website. Enter your individual password.

In order to choose the photographs you wish to purchase, you need to click onto a photograph you would like to order (you will see a little heart in the corner of the image – click on it). Now your image is in your selected images (favourites).

After you finish your selection, go to ‘My Selection’ (upper left-hand corner) and send the set to a photographer. You need to add a message indicating sizes and quantities.

Sizes and Prices:

One picture size 5cm x 7cm = £12

One picture size 10cm x 8cm = £18

One picture digital = £20



Marie Curie Yannick Noah Antoine de Saint-Exupéry George Sand
Baret-Murphy Thibaud Cornish Oliver Adabiokou Yalom Bardot Jules
Brewer Bethany Davies Brandon Bakoa Paul Barrie Aidan
Harley-Taplin Sofia Froukhi Medhi Ava Black Espinosa Sianna
Healy Armand  Gray Hagan Yao Moye Holst Amelie & Josephine
Kouadio Yushua Iakovliev Georgiy Meredith Hadley & Tiagan Hood sisters
Lawton Isabella Kamson-Kamara Princesse Muller Eloise & Elodie Daly-Gourdialsing Romain
Lee Isla Keki Natalie Jacquinot Dariss De Luca-Sai sisters
Lim Samuel Lau Zachary Ble Holy Latinwo Boluwwaife
Mitchell Emily Ngoie Elise Paxman Jocosa Lim Jae
Newbury Imogen Velvindron Jennifer Mekis Noah Popova Dariya
Stevens Charlotte Hutson Filip Shumilov Triplets
Tyszka Charlotte Boutin-Hardman Gaspar Watmore Saffron
Ward Elizabeth Fofana Safia
Yakovleva Alina Liang Jinghan
Yener Maya Pearce-Luddy Felix
Rodney Anniyah
Simdyashkin Daniil
Singh Aanya
Vinerier Pepita