End of term arrangements including Year 5 reopening information

Dear parents and carers,

I hope that you and your family are well. As you are aware, on Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister made an announcement that schools, where possible, should try to bring children in named year groups back to school from 1st June, as well as provide provision for children of Key Workers and Vulnerable Groups. All other year groups should continue to be educated at home.

As a Trust we outlined three key guiding principles in our phased return:

  1. The safety of children and staff will be our top priority.
  2. The main purpose of expanding provision, within Government guidelines, is to further support the communities we serve.
  3. We respect that parents are best placed to determine whether their children come to school, if eligible, or continue learning at home.

Thinking ahead to September, and whilst we are waiting for guidance to hopefully return as a full academy, we would like to invite Year 5 pupils to return to school from Monday 6th July. We believe that this would be a very positive experience for these pupils and would give them confidence about moving up to Year 6 next year.

We will also be offering children from Years 2, 3 & 4 the opportunity to attend school for a reorientation morning during the final week of term. Year 2 will attend on Tuesday 14th July, Year 3 will attend on Wednesday 15th July, and Year 4 will attend on Thursday 16th July. Further details will follow via ParentMail.

In order for this to take place, it will mean that Year 6, who have been invited to school since 1st June, will now finish for the summer holidays on Friday 10th July.

Year 5 families will soon receive full details of their phased reintegration, and will be contacted by phone later this week to confirm their attendance.

We will be keeping remote learning running over the summer holidays for all children, with a commitment to offer up to two hours of learning each day. Teachers will upload details of this summer learning on 21st July. In order for this to happen, the academy will close to all children on Friday 17th July.

In order to prepare those children unable to return to school for next year, we would like to offer all children and parents the opportunity to meet their new class teacher for September via a Zoom session on July 21st. Further details of this transition session will be communicated by phone in the coming weeks.

The key headlines of the above information are as follows:

Monday 6th July: Year 5 begin phased return to school

Friday 10th July: Year 6 end of term

Tuesday 14th July: Year 2 reorientation morning

Wednesday 15th July: Year 3 reorientation morning

Thursday 16th July: Year 4 reorientation morning

Friday 17th July: Whole school end of term

Tuesday 21st July: Zoom transition session for children and parents

Thank you for your continued support