Angel Oak Cake Sale

The Cause
Have you ever felt sorry for someone on the street? Have you noticed a rise in London’s homeless population? Have you ever thought about doing something to help?
The Robes Project is a local charity which supports the homeless and empowers them to rebuild their lives and we would like Angel Oak Academy to contribute to the work of this brilliant charity.

The Idea
We would like to raise money for the Robes Project by staging a cake sale in the school hall on Thursday, 14th March.

How you can help
You can help by baking cakes at home to sell at our cake sale. You could bake a set of cupcakes or bake a larger cake and cut it into slices – each cake will be sold for 50p.
Please ensure you list the ingredients used to make your cakes for allergy purposes. Please drop the cakes to the school office.
If you don’t feel like baking, you can simply come along and purchase some delicious cakes – all for a good cause.

The Organisers
Nimot: “Sometimes it’s tough to be homeless on the street especially during the winter. This is why I wanted to help”
Juliet: “When I walk past homeless people, I really want to help. The Robes Project is a great way for me to offer my help”
Regina: “I noticed the amount of homeless people in Peckham and I wanted to get involved with helping”